Elsenburg Wine Tasting Club

Two 3rd year students from Elsenburg started their own Wine Tasting Club in January this year in the hope to learn more about wine and the wine industry, while promoting wine culture. The members of the club are all 3rd year Cellar Management and Cellar Technology students. When the Elsenburg Wine Tasting Club required a sponsor to help cover their costs, Dana Buys owner of Vrede en Lust, stepped in, provinding the club with much needed financial backing. Buys beleives these and other students are the wine buyers of the future and they should be encouraged to learn and experience wine, in a responsible, but fun way.

Vrede en Lust hosted the Elsenburg Wine Club’s year end celebration earlier this month. The students enjoyed snacks and a wine tasting presented by Susan Wessels, winemaker at Vrede en Lust, and winnner of the Landbou Weekblad Woman Winemaker of the Year award. Barend Barnard, Vrede en Lust sales manager, also adressed the students, before they enjoyed the rest of the evening socialising.