Study finds that red wine may improve a woman’s sex life!

A recent study conducted by staff at the University of Florence, has found that light to moderate consumption of red wine may lead to improved sexual function in women! The study is published in the October Journal of Sexual Medicine and was reported by leading US wine publication WineSpectator.

It seems that a glass or two of red wine may lead to a little more ‘lust’ than ‘rust’!

The study aimed to see if moderate consumption of red wine has an any impact on women’s sexual function. The 800 non-smoking women, aged 18 to 50, completed a Female Sexual Function Index questionnaire. The questionnaire included 19 questions and had a total score range of 2 to 36. Higher scores indicates better sexual health. Women who drank more than 2 glasses per day, as well as those with sexual disorders were excluded from the sample.

Women who drank two glasses a day scored an average of 27.3 points, vs. 25.9 for those who drank one glass and 24.4 for non-drinkers. Noteworthy was the fact that the two-glass-a-day drinkers were, on average, older than the other two groups.  Age is often associated with a declining sex drive and the results here proved otherwise.

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