A time for giving

Christmas is a very special time of the year for friends & families. Really a time for giving! This year, unfortunately for our friends and families, Anneke and I have decided to focus on give to those who really need it!

The fortunate reality is that just about none of our friends and family really needs anything extra right now. They are all blessed with good fortune and health. There are however, many people out there who are in much more desperate need.

So this year, we have decided to take the money we would have spent on gifts for loved ones and rather give it to those in need. We have selected a local children’s home and hospice as far more deserving causes!

We have also asked friends and family not to give us any gifts either, but rather to give us money instead which will also go to the two worthwhile causes selected.

So please do not feel offended if you do not get a present from us this year and rejoice in the knowledge that your ‘gift’ is bringing joy to someone who needs it a lot more!

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010 to you from Dana and Anneke Buys