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VnL JdS Day 2010 Balloons of Dreams

Harvest of Joy: De Savoye Day 5 March 2011

Savoye Day 2010 Grape Stomp EVENT IS SOLD OUT !!! We invite you to join us at the annual Vrede en Lust ‘De Savoye Harvest Festival’ on Saturday 5 March 2011. On De Savoye Day, we celebrate the 2011 grape harvest; honour the founder of Vrede en Lust; release a number of new wines and […]

Mendoza snow capped Andes

Visiting wineries in Mendoza, Argentina

As thanks for the great performance of our wines in 2010, Etienne, Susan, Ansone and myself are on a 10 day wine trip to Argentina and Chile. Why Argentina & Chile? They are both wine producers doing very well in the global markets; direct competitors to South African wines and none of us have been […]

The new maturation cellar tanks with one of the mobile tanks on the left

Winery capacity increased by 50%

We have mentioned the Cellar upgrade program a few times during the past year and it is finally complete! The original Vrede en Lust winery was completed 10 years ago and designed primarily as a red wine cellar with target crush capacity of 500 tons. Gunther Brozel’s design served us well, but as with life, […]