De Savoye Day 2011

The 5th of March 2011 marked the celebration of our annual De Savoye Day at Vrede en Lust. On this day we celebrate the harvest. We also give some of our guests the opportunity to pick their own grapes, ahead of some grape stomping in the traditional way!

The event was sold out early! It was a very warm summer Saturday at Vrede en Lust, pretty much like we experienced for most of this harvest. We had to hire in 10 large fans at the last minute as the regular cooling breezes were missing. Hate the wind when I play golf but need it on the farm!

Despite the heat, nearly 70 of the 170 guests picked grapes! Duncan and his Cotage Fromage team provided the snacks for the grape pickers as well as the little Onion pies and the lunch.

The onion & egg pies were served with Sauvignon Blanc still fermenting and went down a treat! At an alcohol level of around 8% and relatively high sugar levels the Fedderweiser was consumed by the gallon.

We added a new, permanent, Jumping Castle to the kiddies play area at the Cotage Fromage. The whole area has been revamped, with a picket fence keeping the kids away from any traffic areas. There are full time, trained nannies on site and the service is free to guests of the Cotage or Vrede en Lust.

The 2012 Harvest Festival will be held the 3rd of March next year, so please remember to book early to avoid disappointment. A special thanks to all of the team at Vrede en Lust and the Cotage Fromage who worked so hard to make it a special day!

Thanks to my daughter Jess for taking the photos and making Jess cocktails.