Semi-Soet has wrapped the Cape leg of its shooting schedule

Semi-Soet has wrapped the Cape leg of its shooting schedule and stands on the brink of the Johannesburg part of its story. To say that the Cape was wonderful, would be an understatement. As Chris, our Assistant Director says, ‘Miracles are Obligatory!’ and nothing proved more true!

The unpredictable Cape weather had us seeing all our weather cover days used up in the first half of week one. Needless to say, this left everyone more than a little anxious about the rest of the Cape shoot. However, a quick e-mail to Mother Nature saw us blessed with just the right amount of sun and cloud to capture the pictures we only hoped we would manage to get!

From snow on the mountains to 30C days, we had it all, in just the right order to show off our beautiful country. Oh, and of course, we had a few actors in the foreground too.

What a stellar cast we have been allowed to make magic with! (See picture below) Between the lot of them, there was a chemistry on screen which pole-vaulted the dialogue off the page and provided fits of laughter on and behind the scenes. To have the top talent in the country so invested in the project has been exhilarating and humbling.

The Semi-Soet Cast

The Semi-Soet Cast

One would think that the beautiful setting of Vrede and Lust wine farm, set against the epic Simonsberg Mountains and a cast of dynamic stars would be enough to please anyone involved in the project but we had so much more than that too. A pig chasing our leading couple, a frantic grape stomping scene which left wardrobe with their head in their hands and to top it all off, our leading men walking away and leaving the farm … in a helicopter!

The production value on Semi-Soet is in a different league and from the rushes we’ve seen is going to look epic on the big screen.

And so we turn our lens to eclectic Johannesburg where we hope to show off how sexy and chic this world class city can look. From dramatic skylines to Aston Martin’s racing across Nelson Mandela bridge to three grown men on a scooter – Johannesburg is going to be its own kind of beautiful and we can’t wait to get started!

Cameras start rolling on Wednesday the 11th through until Thursday the 26th of May and we would love to share the experience with you. If you would like to visit the set please contact our production manager Jessie White on or Cell: 076 743 7579.

Thanks for your tireless efforts in going above and beyond in making sure that this film could be made. We believe you will be more than proud when you sit watching it munching on a big box of popcorn!

Scramble Productions

With kind regards,
The Semi-Soet Team
James and Anel Alexander
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