Tenders that are not Rigged. NOT

It is always interesting to see the South African wine plans from the Scandinavian countries, where the world’s most advanced nations are not allowed to decide which wines they want to buy themselves. National liquor monopolies decide what is best for their highly educated citizens.

While the monopolies would argue fiercely otherwise, it is patently clear that the wines they aim to buy have been preselected. One wonders why they go to the trouble of issuing these tenders too start off with?

Last night I saw the latest tender from the Swedish Systembolaget. Not many wines are produced to this spec in the Cape, especially wines that can sell at the prices targeted.

Who knows this wine?

Red Wine

  • Bottles to be offered                         40 000                       
  • Vintage:                                    2011
  • Grapes:       Blend of minimum 60% Malbec and the rest of the blend with Mourvedre & Tannat. No grapes can be less than 10% in the blend.
  • Category of goods:                        —————-
  • Launchingday:                        2012-06-01
  • Referensnr:                                    117765
  • Volume:       750 ml
  • Offertdate latest:                        2011-10-10

Tasting notes:

We apply for a fruity, balanced and a very tasteful wine with character of dark fruit, liquorice and oak and elements of herbs. The wine should not have smoky aromas. Grapes must be clearly printed on the front label.

Price range: 1,00 – 1,69 Euro/bottle FOB
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  1. Christian Olsen says:

    While it is true that in Sweden and Norway wine may only be sold through national public monopolies, the other Scandinavian country, Denmark, has no such system. All merchants are free to import and sell wine, and you will find wine in virtually every shop that sells food and drink. Retail prices are much lower than in Sweden and Norway.

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