Problem with enquiry system – now corrected

It has come to our attention that the WordPress plugin responsible for delivering enquiries has not worked for some period of time! That means, that anyone who filled in a form on our website’s query went into a the black-hole of the Internet.

We apologize for the problem, which has been corrected by simply upgrading the plugin. If we never got back to you it is really not because we did not care, it is because we never got your query! We are very sorry about the lack of response and business lost on our side!

If we can still help, please re-send your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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One Response to Problem with enquiry system – now corrected

  1. Dana Buys says:

    The plot thickens… it turns out the problem was not due to the WordPress Form 7 Contact plugin used, but that the company used for hosting setup their own version of our mail (MX) record, as many companies host they mail with them too.
    We host our email with Google Apps. So emails sent from our website to our own domain never got to Google’s servers. We did not notice it, as emails from many sources were aggregated through the same addresses.
    That is really a terrible mistake to make on their behalf and cost us both in terms of business and reputation. Something to keep in mind for all who use external hosting companies!

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