De Savoye Day 2012 Harvest Festival in Pictures

The 3rd of March marked the annual Harvest Blessing and Celebration here at Vrede en Lust – Jacques de Savoye Day 2012! Named in honour of the oirginal founder of Vrede en Lust, back in April 1688. We were blessed with perfect weather and a full house! Anel Alexander, producer and co-star of the hit movie Semi-Soet was our guest of honour.

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Duncan and his team from Cotage Fromage looked after the food side, Susan and her team provided some wines on tap plus the ‘Feddeerweiser’, Anneke and her team previewed the new releases and two bands provided lots of entertainment. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this possible and of course to our guests who seemed to love the day! Until next year when we celebrate Vrede en Lust’s 325th anniversary!