Etienne Buys promoted to Managing Partner

Congratulation to Etienne Buys who has been promoted to the General Manager and Managing Partner of Vrede en Lust!

Etienne has been a partner in the partnership since 1998 with specific responsibility for all the farming activities including the vineyards and viticulture. He oversaw the construction of the new winery in 2001, the expansion of the winery in 2010 and all of the vineyard development over the past 14 years. Etienne, his wife Tracey and children Monique and Danie live on Vrede en Lust.

Etienne is well versed in all aspects of the Vrede en Lust business and has worked closely with the winemakers as well as the hospitality division over the years. He has attended a few of the international trade shows, especially to China, which is our key investment market at this time.

Etienne takes over the day to day responsibilities from his brother Dana Buys, who will become chairman and remain involved with the strategic decision making and overall review of the business.

Dana feels that the foundation is well in place to achieve the company’s growth objectives with a strong team under Etienne. He will focus his time and energy on a new technology company, TallOrder Solutions, that he co-founded in 2010 with long time business partner Ferdi Ladeira.

TallOrder is now at launch stage following 24 months of software development. The TallOrder technology uses the so-called ‘Cloud’ and mobile devices to bring new levels of service and self-service to the hospitality industry. TallOrder was actually inspired by the frustration of trying to improve service at the restaurant on the farm, using handheld, mobile ordering devices.