4 wines in the Top-10 at RMB WineX Johannesburg!

WineX is the largest of the fine wine shows held annually in Gauteng and Cape Town. This year WineX Gauteng ran from the 24th to the 26th of October at the Sandton Convention Center. 170 Wineries participated and more than 850 wines were on show.

As with previous years, WineX allowed wine lovers to vote for their favourite wines. This is a very important recognition for us, as it is the wine buying public voting. We really value these views even more than the wine judging at competitions.

This year the organisers used tablets from Samsung to get the voting done more securely and with scores shown live throughout the event. We are very proud to announce the following results:

That is an unbelievable 4 wines amongst the top 10 wines (actually 4 of the Top 6!), as voted by the public! We find it interesting that both these red wines are made from our Vrede en Lust estate grapes WO Simonsberg-Paarl and both the white wines are made from our Elgin vineyard (Casey’s Ridge) grapes.

Congratulations to Susan and Ansonè, for making wines that the public enjoy so much and also to Anneke and her WineX A-team, who presented the wines with so much infectious passion! It takes both sets of contributions to achieve this level of recognition.

Update to the WineX Sandton Best Red & White wines with the official WineX Newsletter out:
Boet Erasmus 2009 #1 Red with Mocholate Malbec 2012 and Syrah 2009 also in Top 10!
Barrique 2011 #2 White, with Caseys Ridge Viognier 2011, Jess 2012 Rose and Caseys Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2012 in the Top 10.
7 wines in the the Top 20 out of more than 850 wines on show! Thanks to all who voted for our wines and the A-team who makes it happen at the wine shows!!

As before I continue to hope that Michael Fridjhon will add a Rosè category to the list at some stage. Using technology now, it should be easy to allow voters to cast votes for their favourite Rosè as well as their favourite bubbly. That would really round out the set of favourites properly.

We have done well at WineX over the years and are very thankful for that:

2009 RMB WineX Cape Town

  • Red Wines: Both Boet Erasmus 2007 and  Malbec 2008 in the Top 10
  • White Wines: Both Viognier 2009 and Sauvignon Blanc 2009 in the Top 10

2009 RMB WineX Gauteng

  • White Wines: #3 Viognier 2009
  • Vrede en Lust received the most votes overall for the range on show

2010 RMB WineX Cape Town

  • Red Wines: Shared #1 Mocholate Malbec 2009, #2 Boet Erasmus 2007
  • White Wines: Viognier 2009 in the Top 10

2010 RMB WineX Gauteng

  • Red Wines: #5 Boet Erasmus 2007
  • White Wines: #1 Viognier 2010

2011 RMB WineX Cape Town

  • Red Wines: Boet Erasmus 2008 in the Top 10
  • White Wines: #3 Viognier 2011, Sauvignon Blanc 2010 in the Top 10

2011 RMB WineX Gauteng 

  • Voted the most Memorable Exhibitor overall.