Harvest 2013 – Day 1


This morning at 6am was the moment we have all been waiting for a while now.  The excitement was palpable during the past week and today the wait is over – we are in full harvest mode!  The trucks from our Simonsberg-Paarl farm arrived and we’ve taken in almost 15tons of Chardonnay today.  The quality seems excellent and a great start to our first day.

Most of our premium range grapes will arrive this week and we are expecting the Chenin Blanc for Sarah and the Pinotage for Jess to be next in line with possibly the Malbec as well.  According to Susan and Etienne we can expect excellent quality grapes this year due to a much colder winter than usual.  This had a direct impact on the budding of the vines, especially the Chardonnay and Shiraz.

We also took a preventative measures this year for pests in the vineyard and thanks to these actions we had a pest free season and luckily no Mealybug.  This improved the set of the vineyard and therefore we can expect a higher production in volume this year.

For now everyone seems really calm and excited in the cellar and there are smiles all around, but as we all know, harvest is a very stressful time of the year for winemakers and there are always the usual challenges that only good logistics and planning can solve.  With two farms between which we have to coordinate, space is always a problem in the cellar as there is just no holding back when the grapes are ready and on its way to the cellar.

We wish Etienne, Susan and Ansone’ a very blessed harvest and hope that all their hard work will pay off in the form of excellent wines.

Our cellar team for this year:

Etienne, Susan & Ansone’

Baron, Jeremy & Anthony – our cellar workers

Dirk Tredoux – winemaker & harvest intern

Anthony Sandivo – student from Stellenbosch university and harvest intern

Juliana Person – winemaker and intern from USAdag1-1