Harvest news – Week 1 done and dusted


The first week of harvest is behind us and what a busy week it has been.  Susan and her team have been working around the clock and is very excited about the results of the first week’s harvest.  It is a treat to walk into the cellar and experience the daily hustle and bustle of everyone working at their fastes pace.  The cellar smells wonderful and the aromas of the grapes fill your senses when you take a walk through the different processes going.  I can’t help but smile when I’m in the cellar as no one is really looking up from what they are doing and you can see everyone is really focused.  I’m always popping in for some news and feedback and I think a good sign is that Susan is always smiling and looking very calm and composed:)

The grapes are looking magnificent and we can expect great results.

More than 90 tons of grapes were harvested and we started off with mostly white cultivars.

48 tons Chardonnay
21.2 tons Pinotage Rosé
15.4 tons of Chenin Blanc
12.7 tons of Viognier
Susan and Etiennne is paying a visit to our Elgin farm today, doing balling measurements and keeping a close eye on the grapes expected for the rest of this week.  We will be harvesting the rest of the Chenin and Chardonnay and expect the Malbec and possibly the first of the Merlot’s to come in this week.
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