The Vrede en Lust annual Harvest Festival

On the 2nd of March we celebrated our annual harvest festival with the most perfect weather we could wish for.  The harvest festival is an exclusive event held annually to thank our wine club members for their continued support throughout the year.  This year was no exception and with a very long waiting list of guests who wanted to join us for the day we made sure we pulled out all the stops.  Our theme for this year was “A trip around the world” and each table represented a different country.  Early in the morning guests were treated to our Vryersvoet hike through the vineyards where they were welcomed by four different wine tasting stations on-route.  Each station presented a wine tasting and our ladies in red made sure the tired, but excited hikers were entertained all the way.  After the hike our guests could enjoy some grape stomping to their hearts extend, and some even attempted a few dancing moves in the stomping bins.

Lunch was a 6-course lavish affair which also represented food from different countries and wines to compliment the dishes.  Anneke and Tobi Jooste were our hosts for the day and Tobi’s beautiful voice and Anneke’s funny antics kept our guests entertained throughout lunch.

It was a wonderful, blessed day and all the staff from Vrede en Lust left tired, but with big smiles on their faces after such a successful day.  This year has certainly inspired us to go even bigger and better next year and we have new and exciting ideas up our sleeves.

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