Harvest news -the end is in sight…

700 tons!  This is a record for Vrede en Lust and the most grapes we’ve taken into the cellar to date.

All our white grapes are now in the cellar and we are just waiting for the last bit of Viognier from Casey’s Ridge. The farm workers are spending their time between Vrede en Lust and Ricton at the moment and harvesting Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.  We are expecting the last of the red varietals from Elgin to come in during the next two weeks.  These will be Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

Susan and her team are working at full capacity now and there is no time for rest in between – the biggest challenge now is making sure there there is enough space in the cellar for new grapes coming in while also managing the rest of the winemaking processes.  Careful decisions needs to be made and thousands of liters of wine are moved between tanks for optimum use of our space.

I managed to grab Susan for a second for the latest news from the cellar and was told that we are now busy with the blending and bottling of the Jess 2013 and that the Jess fans can expect the release in spring.

For now I am staying out of the cellar to make sure I’m not in the way of all the hustle and bustle and decided to rather pay a visit to the vineyards.  I managed to get a few smiles there:)

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