Special wines for special customers

Artisan Cab Shiraz 2010In 2009 we created the Vrede en Lust Artisan Range to achieve two main objectives:

  • Rare, limited production wines for our wine club members. Wines made in small quantities and not available in retail nor restaurants.
  • The opportunity for Susan and Ansone to experiment and learn with new wines or style.

The Artisan Range has achieved its objectives 100%! Many wine club members tell us how they enjoy having wines that none of their friends have, with intimate knowledge of the stories and the ideas behind these wines.

Some of the wines result in wines that reach our main Vrede en Lust ranges, eg the Elgin Chenin Blanc-Chardonnay-Viognier 2010 was such an interesting wine we ended up blending 5 of our Elgin white grapes into the Vrede en Lust White Mischief, recently awarded 90pt rating by US wine critique Stephen Tanzer.

Other wines start off as Artisan Range wines during early vintages whilst the wine makers experiment with different approaches and wine styles. Eg the 2011 Chenin Blanc has won wide acclaim and will move to the main label from the 2012 vintage.

In Elgin we have young blocks of Riesling (4Ha) and Pinot Noir (4Ha) that came into first production this year. They will appear as Artisan Range wines for the first few vintages and move to the main label when we are happy with their style and direction.

In 2013 we also had the first mature production of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc from our Elgin vineyards, as well as Grenache Noir from our Vrede en Lust vineyard. As the winemakers get used to these grapes, they too may appear as Artisan Range wines in the not too distant future!

The line-up of Vrede en Lust Artisan Range wines due to ship in 2013:

  • Syrah Elgin 2011
  • Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon blend Simonsberg-Paarl 2010
  • Rhone Blend Simonsberg-Paarl 2012
  • Semillon Elgin 2012
  • Chenin-Chardonnay-Viognier Elgin 2012
  • Pinot Grigio Elgin 2013
  • Riesling Elgin 2013
  • Natural Sweet White blend Elgin 2013

A great reason to join our Vrede en Lust Wine Club!