Beyond your wildest dreams…

This past weekend guests flocked to the Franschhoek valley to enjoy the Uncorked festival hosted by the Vignerons.  We wowed our guests with a theme beyond their wildest dreams and fanned our red feathers for everyone who took the time to visit the estate.

It was a fantastic weekend for Vrede en Lust and also the first weekend that Lust Bistro & Bakery was open for business which also contributed to the great success of the festival for us.

Below is a visual representation of the weekend for those who missed out on this fantastic event.

Uncorked-132 Uncorked-129 Uncorked-122 Uncorked-118 Uncorked-117 Uncorked-113 Uncorked-108 Uncorked-105 Uncorked-101 Uncorked-96 Uncorked-95 Uncorked-93 Uncorked-90 Uncorked-86 Uncorked-84 Uncorked-81 Uncorked-80 Uncorked-79 Uncorked-77 Uncorked-75 Uncorked-74 Uncorked-69 Uncorked-66 Uncorked-61 Uncorked-59 Uncorked-58 Uncorked-56 Uncorked-52 Uncorked-51 Uncorked-49 Uncorked-42 Uncorked-40 Uncorked-39 Uncorked-35 Uncorked-33 Uncorked-32 Uncorked-28 Uncorked-27 Uncorked-24 Uncorked-21 Uncorked-20 Uncorked-18 Uncorked-16 Uncorked-13 Uncorked-10 Uncorked-9 Uncorked-7