The Red Lady is here to stay

Rooi Rokke 2013-7

For those of you who have suffered from withdrawal symptoms from the sold out Red Lady 2012, we have good news…  The Red Lady 2013 has just been released!

Vnl Red Lady 2013

This wine is one of our most popular wines in the range and our only red wine that is part of our easy drinking Tier 1 range.  With its rising popularity and the fact that it always sells out before the next vintage is released, we have made provision for the high demand this year by increasing production.

The Red Lady was first produced in 2010 to pay homage to our beautiful ladies in red who are one of the biggest parts of our brand and who always serve our clients with the highest quality of service and friendliness.  These ladies are also the ones who fly all over the country to attend numerous consumer shows and who make sure that our wines reach customers all over the country.

We predict the Red Lady 2013 will be just as popular as its predecessors and customers can expect a beautiful wine with delicate red fruit aromas.  This is also one of the few red wines you can enjoy in summer, accompanied by Carpaccio or any lighter, red meat dish.