Harvest 2014 kicks off with a slow start

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Hard to believe but harvest 2014 is here and Susan and her team is hard at work in the vineyards and cellar.

This year started off slower than we initially anticipated but Susan is predicting that once it gets going it will be one of the busiest harvests to date.

Harvest started last Monday with 43 tons of Chardonnay coming into the cellar, followed by one of our young blocks of Malbec and some Pinotage.  After this there was a few days where we could do nothing but wait for the rest to start catching up.

This past week was much busier but by Wednesday we’ve only reached 105tons compared to last year’s 180tons at the same time.  With the intense heat the grapes are now ready at a faster pace and we could harvest every day of the past week.  Our first Sauvignon Blanc from Elgin arrived on Wednesday and we will be expecting the rest by next week.

Even though the season started about 14 days later than we expected, it is now off to a flying start with our Shiraz for Jess and Pinot Grigio also making their arrival this week, keeping the team occupied in the cellar.  We have high expectations for this year’s harvest and we will be sure to keep you updated.