The home stretch of the 2014 harvest has just become a bit longer with the current and predicted rain!


Vrede en Lust-5During the next two weeks grapes will be  harvested from all 3 of our properties, with the last grapes coming in from Casey’s Ridge during April 2014. Rain during harvest is not usually seen as a good thing but we didn’t complain about last week’s one rainy day.  It gave our harvest team some well deserved rest, and the cellar team some time to reorganise.

Vrede en Lust-3The cellar received just under 600 tons of grapes, with 220 tons being crushed during the last 10 days.  This  would include Riesling, Viognier  and Cabernet Franc from Casey’s Ridge, Elgin and Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz from the two Simonsberg-Paarl properties. Inside the cellar we are very excited about our Chenin Blanc from Elgin and are looking at foward to a great wine. The Cabernet Franc is the best we received from this experimental block on Casey’s Ridge.  We are looking forward to a similar improvement of the Elgin Merlot that disappointed us in 2013.  We hope to release both of these wines under the Vrede en Lust  Artisan label.

Vrede en Lust-7In 2013 we released our first Riesling under our Artisan label, with great results and feedback.  The 2014 harvest will be considerably bigger with our new plantings on the red soils of Casey’s Ridge coming into production.  From 2014 the Riesling will  move to the  Vrede en Lust label as it becomes part of our main line of wines. Watch this space because we have very high hopes for this cultivar from Elgin!

Vrede en Lust-6With today’s rain we will have to wait patiently for some of our last reds from Vrede en Lust and Ricton to arrive. At this stage we still have some Viognier, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz in Elgin, and Cabernet Sauvignon , Shiraz and Grenache Noir  on Vrede en Lust and Ricton.

Let us hope that the predicted rain does not do too much to upset  the 2014 harvest!