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Shedding a light on load shedding

“Load shedding is a measure of last resort to prevent the collapse of the power system country-wide.  When there is insufficient power station capacity to supply the demand (load) from all the customers, the electricity system becomes unbalanced, which can cause it to trip out country-wide (a blackout), and which could take days to restore.” […]


Valentine’s at Vrede en Lust

Valentine’s Day is a day to spoil your loved one and make them feel more special than any other day of the year.  We believe that everyday should be Valentine’s Day and have decided that we would like offer romantic options for couples to enjoy the whole February. Our beautiful Ploughman’s platter for 2 and […]


Summer Trout Salad and Sauvignon Blanc

For today’s post and as part of our summer food and white wine series, we are pairing a beautiful Trout Salad recipe with our refreshing Casey’s Ridge Sauvignon Blanc.  Pairing a cooler climate Sauvignon Blanc with light, seafood dishes, including avocado is particularly mouthwatering as the natural fats of the fish and avocado enhances the […]


Oysters and Riesling…

As promised in our previous post, we will be running a few mouthwatering food and wine pairings up until Christmas.  Pairings to compliment our versatile range of white wines and a recipe with each dish for you to try at home. I’ve spent some time with LUST patron chef, Jean Pierre Smith and together we’ve searched […]


Beyond your wildest dreams…

This past weekend guests flocked to the Franschhoek valley to enjoy the Uncorked festival hosted by the Vignerons.  We wowed our guests with a theme beyond their wildest dreams and fanned our red feathers for everyone who took the time to visit the estate. It was a fantastic weekend for Vrede en Lust and also […]


Lust is now open!

After months of secrecy and hustling and bustling to get everything ready for the opening of the brand new restaurant, Lust is now open for business! At the heart of Lust Bistro & Bakery is a hearth: the traditional, wood-fired brick oven where Jean Pierre Smith conjures up authentic artisan breads and all manner of delectable daily fare. […]