Semi-Soet The Movie

We are thrilled to star in our first movie – the Afrikaans Romantic Comedy called Semi-Soet!

Watch the teaser below!

On this page we will update all the latest news up to the release of the movie in February 2012 so that you can be informed and get excited with us! There is a Johannesburg Premiere in early February and Vrede en Lust will also host our own Cape Town Premiere! Whether you are English or Afrikaans, it does not matter; this is going to be a very classy, flirty, funny Rom Com that anyone will enjoy! The Producers and Directors are doing a great job of making Vrede en Lust look even more spectacular than it is in real life! With almost two thirds of the film shot on Vrede en Lust, we were priviledged to have been in the company of great South African actors and filmmakers and we sure did have a lot of fun!

Please click on the links below for articles and to view the teaser! Dit gaan groot wees!

Synopsis of Semi-Soet:

Workaholic Jaci will go to any lengths to protect the boutique advertising agency she works for from being bought and dismantled by a ruthless businessman known as ‘The Jackal’. Hope exists in the form a huge contract for a prestigious wine farming family.  But winning this contract won’t be simple. Jaci needs to convince the farm owner that she lives up to his company’s ideals of family values and commitment by proving that she is in a loving, long term relationship.

Desperate to appear to be living the balanced life she has discarded, Jaci decides to hire a model to pretend to be her fake fiancé for the day.

At the pitch meeting the facade seems to have worked until the client insists her and her fake fiancé come away for the weekend to experience the wine farm before she pitches for the contract. Things start to get very complicated, very quickly for poor Jaci, especially since the man she has hired to be her stand-in-fiancé, is the very ‘Jackal’ himself who is trying to sink her company.

Wynland Wingerd Waaibs

SARIE – Het jy gehoor?

Screen Africa article May 2011

Sinopsis – Afrikaans 



9 Responses to Semi-Soet The Movie

  1. Philip de Wet says:

    when and who will release the dvd to the rental outlets.
    Thank you

  2. Janina Otto says:

    Hi Philip,
    You can contact Indigenous Film Distribution in this regard.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does this movie have sub titles.

  4. Janina Otto says:

    Yes Semi-Soet has subtitles! You should go see it if you can!

  5. Charmaine Badenhorst says:

    This was the best afrikaans film I have seen in a very long time even the kids enjoyed it and my daughter wants to watch it over and over great stuff guys look forward to the next movie

  6. Janina Otto says:

    Thank you for your feedback Charmaine! You must then definitely get a DVD when it launches in about 3 weeks’ time! Enjoy!

  7. Liezl Venter says:

    I just watched the movie last night and it was absolutely beautiful.
    Excellent cast!
    Planning on going to Vrede en Lust for a wine tasting myself now, want to see the vryerswandelpad myself.

  8. Jannie says:

    Fantasties!!!! Bestaan die vryers voetpad wel? En as dit doen, hoe kan mens dit stap :) Was al van tevore op die plaas maar nie daarvan geweet nie

  9. Allan Botha says:

    A real feel good movie,i jus love the spectacular,panaromic view of the awesomely beautiful landscape!….A WELL DESERVED 5 STAR RATING!!!!
    A great cast!!!

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