Hannelie Abrahams

Reception & Admin

Hannelie started working at Vrede En Lust in 1994. She is one of the staff members who has been working on the farm the longest and definitely contribute to the family culture a great deal! She started off in the vineyards and it wasn’t too long before she was chosen as the Pre-Primary school teacher for the children on the farm. In 1996 she then helped out as cleaning lady in the newly built cellar. In 2009 she was appointed as the receptionist.

Her love for people makes the team just love her even more! She takes great pride in her work and says she definitely meets the most people everyday by taking phone calls than any of her other colleagues!

For her, wine comes a long way – it makes her think of the parableĀ in the Bible where Jesus turned the water into wine. Although she does not drink wine, she has a lot of respect for wine and the process of making wine.

Working with such a team and living on the farm is an absolute blessing to her!

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