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A Tribute to Boet Erasmus and the Spirit of South African Rugby

  • Post last modified:2024-03-04

As the vibrant month of September rolls in, South Africa gears up to celebrate its rich cultural tapestry and historical legacy during Heritage Month. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Cape Winelands, our estate offers a blend of fine wines and traditions that resonate with the spirit of the country. September also marks the start of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, a pivotal sporting event galvanizing the nation.

Boet Erasmus: A Legend of Rugby and Unity

At the heart of Vrede en Lust’s heritage stands the Boet Erasmus flagship blend, a name that resonates with both rugby enthusiasts and lovers of fine wines internationally. Boet Erasmus, the maternal grandfather of Vrede en Lust’s owners Dana and Etienne Buys who are carrying on his legacy. The latest vintage recently secured a Top 5 spot with 94 points for the upcoming 2019 vintage at the Prescient Cape Bordeaux Red Blend Report 2023. Grown, vinified and bottled on the Simonsberg, this is an estate wine that cellar master Karlin Nel has full control of from grape to bottle. The Boet Erasmus is the essence of Vrede en Lust and highlights her deft skill in blending with exquisite balance.

About Boet

Jacobus Christoffel Kotze (Boet) Erasmus is best known for his involvement in the development of rugby and his contributions to the sport in Eastern Cape, South Africa. The Port Elizabeth rugby stadium was named after him, where he was a lifelong president of the Eastern Province Rugby Union. Beside his passion for rugby, Boet was elected mayor of Port Elizabeth and served on the council 42 years.

Heritage and Rugby: The 2023 Rugby World Cup

As the world eagerly anticipates the kick-off of the 2023 Rugby World Cup in September, South Africa once again takes centre stage on the global sporting platform as the defending champions. This event, coinciding with Heritage Month, underscores the significance of rugby in the nation’s collective identity. We have found it ideal to release the renowned Boet Erasmus 2019 vintage on this special occasion.
As rugby fans from around the world gather to witness the clash of titans on the field, you can raise a glass of the Boet Erasmus with us as toast to unity and heritage.

The aerial photo is of a capacity 55 000 spectators at the Boet Erasmus stadium in Port Elizabeth for the famous 1974 “Battle of the Boet” between the Springboks and Willie John Mcbride’s British Lions.

Stand the test of time

Boet Erasmus holds a special place, not only for its award-winning standards in taste but also for its remarkable longevity. Karlin Nel, Vrede en Lust winemaker harnesses the distinct effects of different closures by bottling this flagship red in three separate ways: cork, screw cap, and waxed seal. Each method lends its unique character to the aging process, resulting in vintages that age distinctly and beautifully. Imagine the experience, a passionate wine collector can indulge in the same exquisite blend, each bottle representing a journey through time, guided by the effects of the varying closures. The rare opportunity witness how the choice of closure impacts the wine’s ageing potential. Another highlight of this famed blend is the Boet Erasmus Vertical Vintage box. A wooden gift box engraved with the life story of Boet Erasmus, containing 6 varied vintages and closures of this flagship blend throughout the years. It is more than a collection; it is a collector’s dream.
Experience the celebration of history, craftsmanship, and passion – in every sip.