The Buys Era 1996

On 3 October 1996 a brand-new era was beckoning in the history of this extraordinary farm, Vrede en Lust Estate, when the Buys family became the new owners.

With this ownership came a vision of resurrection.

When Dana Buys, dynamic chairman of an international computer software company, saw the opportunity to benefit from the deregulating changes in the South African wine industry, he purchased Vrede en Lust plus the two portions traditionally attached to it. The property was deeded to Vrede en Lust Farms (Pty) Ltd and soon thereafter Dana Buys got the opportunity to prove his bona fides. When neighbouring Wolve Kloof came on to the market, Buys honourably reunited the two historic sections of Vrede en Lust.

Vrede en Lust Estate now looked like it did in 1783.

Buys, the eldest of three brothers, entered into a partnership with his younger brother, Etienne, to manage the farm and oversee the viticultural improvements.

vrede en lust statement

We thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste&soul.

The Logo

The Huguenot origins of the farm are honored by the logo, which has been adapted from the original Huguenot Cross. Designer Anthony Lane took the Fleur-de-lis from the Buys family crest and softened the Huguenot cross by applying it to the points. The logo, a dove linked by a ribbon of gold to multiple blessings as depicted by the points of the cross represents peace and freedom of spirit. It is a fitting symbol for a farm with a legendary history and a soaring future.

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