Cellar Tours

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Join one of our Tasting room team on one of our cellar tours to see and learn more about our winery,  winemaking equipment, winemaking techniques and how they affect the style of our wines.

Our ISO 14001 certified, 750-ton wine cellar was specially positioned to complement the historical “Werf” and for aesthetic and practical reasons, a large section of the cellar is underground, creating a naturally cool climate in which wine may mature.

Cellar tours are hosted on a regular schedule over weekends and peak seasons, or by appointment. During the peak harvest season (1 February to 31 March) we have to restrict access to the winery for larger groups and offer the more intimate Winemaking Tours instead.

It is best to make a reservation ahead of your visit due to the restricted number of guests we can accommodate during each tour. The winery is very busy during this period and thus we cannot take larger groups closer to the process.

Please note: It is absolutely vital that visitors come with the right, non-slip footwear for the winemaking tour. The cellar floor gets slippery and no high heels or leather soles will be allowed during cellar tours.

Speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable tasting room ladies.

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