International Representative | May Wu (Wu, Meijun)

May-WuMay Wu is our only international employee and represents the Vrede en Lust brand in china as our international sales representative.

May has a BA (Honours) in Hotel and Catering Management from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The PolyU’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management was established in 1979 and leads Asia in providing high quality education and research for hospitality and tourism. In 1999 the World Tourism Organisation UNWTO) designated the School as one of its Education and Training Centers, the only such center in Asia.

May has written about wine for a number of publications and has also hosted a TV program for Food & Wine pairing. Her previous position was as manager for one of the wine shops in Shenzhen, China. This has helped to give May a very strong, first hand understanding of the Chinese wine consumers and she will put this expertise to work as she helps to build the Vrede en Lust brand in China.

Her passion for wine, fluent Mandarin, Cantonese and English make her the ideal person on the ground in China! We first met May at one of the wine shows we participated in in Guangzhou in 2011. Once it became clear that we need to take a bold step and employ a person in China, it was an easy choice as we had already started to develop the relationship.

As for May’s hobbies and interests, best stated in her own words “Eating, drinking, singing (music), reading and enjoying this life.   I think life is too short. As I grow older, I feel that I should be more thankful for what I have and enjoy this life. Giving my life passion always!  I am thankful that I could choose something that I have passion for to work with. From tasting different food and drink, I feel and understand better the different culture in different place before I travel to more and more places. Reading is something like my life tutor, sometimes my life doctor. Music is something I could not live without. For me, I think every song has its own soul.”

May on TV