Petit Verdot | Shiraz


New vintage release.

The Vrede en Lust Artisan Range is an exclusive range of carefully handcrafted wines, made in very small quantities exclusively for our Wine Club Members. For this range the winemakers are encouraged to experiment with different styles and winemaking techniques using small batches of site specific grapes.
The labels are reproduced from Karlin’s own handwritten versions of the labels.


CULTIVARS Petit Verdot, Shiraz AGEING POTENTIALEnjoy now or within 5-10 years from vintageWINEMAKERKarlin NelWINE OF ORIGINSimonsberg-PaarlPACKAGING750mlALCOHOL %14%TOTAL ACID (TA)5.5 g/lRESIDUAL SUGAR (RS)2.9 g/lPH3.64

Tasting Notes

Petit Verdot contributes intense colour, structure, and bold dark fruit flavours, while Shiraz lends its luscious fruit, richness, and spiciness. The combination of these two varieties creates a wine of remarkable balance.
Dark Fruit