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Vrede en Lust Estate | Importers

The past two decades of Vrede en Lust Estate’s existence was focussed on learning important lessons in our national, South African, market and establishing a strong and effective local distribution network.

Although there’s always more rising opportunities and much more lessons to be learned, we have now achieved our initial goal.

Vrede en Lust Estate are now seeking international business partners in order for us to extend and further grow our international footprint. The type of importer that will be a good fit for us will be a company with similar values and long term view on the opportunities in the global wine market. We believe our wines are most likely to be successful in the restaurant and hospitality markets as well as in specialist wine shops.

Current Importers

Cape Ardor LLC

1781 Oak Street

San Franscisco

CA 94117

+1 415 812 8246


Danai Food and Wine Distributor

No 17 Chamberlain Rd

Glendale North

Harare Zimbabwe

083 600 0806


Hard to Find Wines Ltd



United Kingdom

0044 845 293 2925 /


Harrison & Hughson

Watts and Spurrier Road

New Ardbenie


263 4 2922348



Gildeweg 10

46562 VOERDE


0049 2855 9700 897


Shenzen YuShun Investment Co

ltd G5, ShenGang HuaHui Centre

Sha He Xi Road, NanShan District

Shenzen Guangdong PR China

086 0755 22677355

Meijun Wu:


Owe Tinmark

Vin Syd/Mikro Syd AB


23942 Fasterbo Sweden


Weinhof Rudolstadt / Gesundheitszentrum Vital

Arnd Karpinsky

Th. -Müntzer-Str.2

07407 Rudolstadt Germany