Karlin Nel

Winemaker | Cellar Master

I’ve always had a dream to make people happy, to watch people celebrate, to see people smile, dance and enjoy life. When I discovered the magical product that is wine, I knew that it could be a vehicle for realising this ideal and that I simply had to learn how to master this wonderful art. Wine is my passion and a phenomenal means of expression.

At Vrede en Lust each wine is crafted with passion. Our farms boast vineyards with plenty of character which gives us the ability to create wines with an immediate captivation. The wines are a direct expression of our extraordinary terroir. We make every wine to the best of our ability for our consumers to love and enjoy.

Every moment in life we have the opportunity to choose joy and what better way to choose this joy than with a glass of Vrede en Lust!



Duan Engelbrecht

Assistant Winemaker

Duan Engelbrecht is a 24-year-old young and ambitious wine maker in the making. Originally from Cape Town, he loves the culture. With his passion for learning and experimenting he tends to view life in all of its angles. He is a realist and stands by his values. He regards the opinions of others and always insists on lending a helping hand.

To Duan every opportunity is a way to to learn and to better himself. He got his degree at Stellenbosch University in 2016, completing his first harvest at Delheim in Stellenbosch and his second at Rupert and Rothschild in 2017 before recently joining the Vrede en Lust winemaking team.

Karlin Nel

“Determination, patience, a love for people. And the most important thing is passion, because if you love what you do it doesn't feel like work!”

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