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When wine meets fashion

  • Post last modified:2024-02-15

Skoonma Clothing has opened its first retail store at the Vrede en Lust tasting room.

The VNL & SKOONMA collaboration is a perfect fit as both businesses are locally owned and offer high quality popular products.
Wine and fashion have a lot of similarities and work extremely well together when celebrating tradition while embracing innovation. The attention to detail in haute couture finds its counterpart in the meticulous process of cultivating grapes and bottling the perfect blend.

It is easy to see why the first Skoonma Clothing retail store was chosen to be based at Vrede en Lust, the natural beauty and elegance that surrounds the Estate is inspiration for these local designers.

Known for its unique, vintage-inspired garments with a glamorous touch, Skoonma Clothing has been a force to be reckoned with in the e-commerce space since its inception in 2017.
Much like Skoonma Clothing, the elegance and beauty that surround the store on the Vrede en Lust Estate, is enough to take your breath away. Both brands have a firm belief in supporting and being loyal to local communities and both, Skoonma Clothing and VNL appeal to a clientele that has a sophisticated palette and not only admires but also exudes timeless glamour.

Visit the Tasting Room and browse the highly seasonal garments while indulging in a unique tasting experience.

As Women’s Month dawns upon us, we proudly celebrate the partnership between Skoonma and Vrede En Lust with the focus on women. Skoonma will be dressing the our VNL women in unique custom pieces.

Cheers to great wine and stunning custom pieces!
Come and choose your favourite wine and dress for the occasion.