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Year End Celebrations

  • Post last modified:2024-02-29
When it comes to year-end celebrations, there’s no better place to unwind and reflect than at our estate, where picturesque views enfold you.
Adjacent to the Manor House, Savoye is the epitome of relaxation and sophistication. Enjoy leisurely lunches or enchanting dinners in this charming setting. Savoye’s menu reflects the estate’s commitment to quality and excellence, making it an ideal choice for your year-end celebrations.
Nestled among rolling vineyards, our conference space offers the ideal setting to wrap up the year with your team in a memorable way. Our modern conference facilities offer a fresh and inspiring environment for year-end meetings and planning sessions. With onsite accommodation available, you can seamlessly transition from work to relaxation, ensuring your team is energized and motivated to tackle the challenges of the new business year.

Stay the Winelands

For those looking to extend their festivities into a weekend getaway, the Manor House at Vrede en Lust provides an inviting haven of tranquillity. Book a Manor House stay and immerse yourself in luxury and comfort. Wake up to the gentle rustle of leaves, take a leisurely stroll through the vineyards, and savour the estate’s renowned wines. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long year of hard work.

LUST Bistro and Bakery

LUST offers hearty meals for time to be enjoyed with friends and colleagues. Situated on the estate, LUST offers an inviting dining experience with a menu that showcases the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Whether you’re planning a festive lunch or a relaxing brunch, make sure to add this to your year-end list.

At Vrede en Lust, we believe that great wine and memorable celebrations go hand in hand. Whether you’re looking for an exceptional dining experience, a weekend retreat, or a productive conference space, this is your destination of choice.