White Mischief



The White Mischief is a 6-cultivar white blend made from selected grapes from Vrede en Lust’s Elgin farm, Casey’s Ridge. It showcases the cooler climate aromas of the cultivar, with focus on how they complement one another.

The name ‘White Mischief’ is literally derived from the winemakers who were playing around with the white wines from Elgin and creating this very unique white blend! The components of this blend may vary slightly from vintage to vintage but the same mischievous style will however be maintained.


CULTIVARSChenin Blanc, Pinot Gris, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Riesling AGEING POTENTIALEnjoy now or within 3-5 years from vintage WINEMAKERKarlin Nel WINE OF ORIGINElgin PACKAGING750ml ALCOHOL %13.48% RESIDUAL SUGAR (RS)2.1 g/l TOTAL ACID (TA)5.2 g/l PH3.36

Tasting Notes

An abundance of tropical fruit and floral notes on the nose followed by hints of white pear and fruit salad on the palate. Soft, beautifully balanced mouth-feel. Harmoniously blended!
Floral Notes
White Pear
Tropical Fruit